Thursday, February 5, 2009

Transition Update

The Sonnenschein Green Initiative's Transition Committee held a meeting Wednesday, February 4. There were 22 people in attendance.

DOWNTOWN PERMACUTLURE DEMONSTRATION AREA: Connie Sharp gave a report on the Lewis County Museum's Discovery Center project. A group of local Permaculture designers, Tony Turnbow, Sam Davis and others began work this week on a design to turn the Discovery Center into a Permaculture and natural history demonstration area.

SUMMER PERMACULTURE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: Jennifer Dauksha-English gave a report on the +72 hour summer Permaculture Certification Program being offered in Hohenwald, every Saturday June through August. The Discovery Center will be the site for the summer training. The training will be offered by the Center for Holistic Ecology, the Sonnenschein Green Initiative and Ecological Artisans. Scholarships and deep discounts on the training are available for Lewis County Residents and youth ages 14-18.

GREEN PLANS FOR NEW SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY: Patrick Gibbs and Jennifer English reported on a meeting they and others had with the city regarding applying Permaculture to the design of the cities new sewage treatment facility. The new design will stack green filtration on top of creating a natural viewing area and energy production (such as ethanol and biochar) to make the new facility a productive part of the community.

GREEN PROCLAMATION: Debbie Landers read from a drafted resolution and proclamation that will be presented to the people of Hohenwald and Lewis County to ensure our commitment to local sustainability, and doing all in our power to become known as a TRANSITION TOWN by promoting sincere efforts to local food, energy, goods and services production and responsible waste management in our schools, businesses, homes, local government, media, and community groups.

UPCOMING GREEN EVENTS: The group spent time discussing logistics and marketing for the Thursday, February 19 Green Evening Cafe which will be held from 6-8:30 pm at the Emporium Cafe in downtown Hohenwald. The Green Evening Series will be held once each month. Plans for the June 5-7 Sonnenschein Sustainability Forum were also discussed.

NEW GREEN WORKING GROUPS: For the final half hour of the meeting, the participants split into two working groups. The first group, Food and Farming, met about the value of creating a local Farmers Market. The second group, Green Business Development, discussed the need for a green incubator and a green development park, and scheduled a later meeting to discuss complimentary currencies.

The next Sonnenschein Green Initiative meeting will be held Wednesday, February 18 from 11:30-1:30 at the Career Center in Hohenwald. The group meets every other Wednesday. For more details about upcoming meetings and projects contact 931-796-4874 or 888-878-2434.