Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fifth Transition Update

On Tuesday April 7, 2009 the Hohenwald City Council and the Hohenwald Lewis County Chamber of Commerce signed the Sonnenschein Green Initiative's Transition Proclamation. Two days later the Lewis County Herald reported:
"As a Transition Town, Hohenwald recognizes the industrious and conservative heritage of the people in the community and the importance to move toward energy efficiency, wise use of natural resources, and waste management. Included in a Transition Town are Permaculture Initiatives as they relate to rebuilding local agriculture and food production, localizing energy production, rethinking preventative health care, rediscovering local building materials and rethinking waste management. "An emphasis on local sustainability can assist citizens in developing positive behavior changes to produce future prosperity and welfare at the local level, the proclamation indicated. Simply put, investment on Main Street instead of Wall Street could make more sense in rural communities..." "Declaring Hohenwald a Transition Town does not mean thinking regionally, nationally or even globally will be ignored. But it does mean recognizing and acting on the potential for growth in rural area, such as Hohenwald, Lewis County (TN), is the first step in rebuilding America's economy", Chamber of Commerce President, Becky Newbold stated for the paper.

The City also passed a resolution to name the industrial park on Swan Avenue - the Hohenwald Eco-Industrial Park. The Lewis County Herald reported that a new business called Hohenwald Recycling, which cleans, refurbishes and resells used automobile parts will be the first occupant at the site. The City Council pledged that they will recruit environmentally efficient businesses.

Attached here is the signed Proclamation and a picture of front from left - City Councilman Mike Hinson, Vice-Mayor Dustin Flowers, Mayor Don Jones, City Councilman Bill Lawson, City Councilman Don Barber and back row - Chamber President Becky Newbold, and Sonnenschein Green Initiative Steering Committee members Debbie Landers, Connie Sharp and Jennifer Dauksha-English.

This same Proclamation was signed by County Commissioners, the County Mayor and the local Economic Development Director on March 16, 2009. The Sonnenschein Green Initiative, or SGI now has the support of the County, City Hall, the local Chamber of Commerce and more than 50 local businesses in declaring Hohenwald and Lewis County part of the international Transition Initiative. The SGI steering committee has decided to stick with their original plan and postpone the actual national public unleashing of Transition Town Hohenwald. The group has a celebratory unleashing planned for June 6, 2009. In the meantime, SGI will be doing all that they can to educate the local and regional public about the Transition Initiative and they will be inviting local and state legislatures to attend the June celebration. There is a Transition Green Evening planned for April 28 from 6-8:30 pm at the Emporium in downtown, Hohenwald. The SGI organizers hope that many people will attend this public event to find out more about the initiative and to get involved in conversations about local economic and community development.